Let's get started improving your little ones sleep habits! 

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Success Story from the 

Macpherson Family

      Myranda met with us and did up a sleep plan/helped us set goals for our 8 week old daughter and I can not say enough good things! We went from being up every 2 hours all day and night, fighting naps, and having to rock our daughter to sleep and sometimes having to hold her while she slept/not being able to put her down to sleep to having a solid night time routine, having her in her crib during naps and at night, and sleeping for 7-8 hours at night, getting up once, sometimes twice to nurse. Our daughter as well as ourselves have learned so much from Myranda that have made all of our lives so much happier AND easier! We all sleep better and more which makes for a much happier baby and mommy and daddy! If you are even thinking or hiring Myranda to assist with sleep solutions, DO IT! You will not regret it as long as you stick to it even when its a little tough for the first day or two!

Seven Ways

to 'fix' your baby's sleep

The truth is that theres no "magic" way to get a baby sleeping through the night.

If there was, you wouldn't be getting up 2 or 3 times a night with your child... and I'd be out of business! 

However, I have discovered seven different "tweaks" that can often make a BIG difference for some babies.

They're all waiting for you in this complimentary resource below.

Let's get started improving your little ones sleep habits! 

Schedule your FREE 15-minute Evaluation. This gives us a chance to discuss the issues you are having and come up with some ideas for a solution. 

Success Story from the

Watson Family


When I first contacted Myranda we were desparate. Our 3.5 year old had slept through the night maybe 5 times in the last 20 months and we were zombies. Our first 2 children didn't have many issues with sleep at all and our youngest didn't until he moved out of his crib. We thought it would resolve itself once he was used to his new sleeping arrangements...it obviously wasn't happening. He would often want to crawl into our bed every night. But there were also some nights where he would be up for 2-4 hours in the middle of the night. Sometimes just wide awake and sometimes miserable and crying most of the night. We needed help!

I called Myranda and she was amazing...even through the early arrival of her 3rd baby! She supported us in understanding where our son's sleep issues were and what was going well. At first we were a little hesitant. I mean really, it was going to require some work and patience on our end and with minimal sleep there wasn't much of that to go around. But we committed and decided we needed to make this work. Our whole family needed to make this work!

The first thing I found to be different about hiring a professional was that it helped my husband and I get on the same page. We both had a plan to follow that would support consistency for our son. Our older two children (7 and 5 at the time) were also aware of the plan as we knew there might be a couple nights at the start where everyone's sleep was disrupted as we implemented the plan. This was the first time my husband and I agreed on how to approach this sleep issue. It really helped having someone who knew what they were talking about create the plan. Neither of us had more bias towards as we didn't create it. I was surprised how much of a difference that made for us. And the plan was simple and easy to follow. I found this a key to our success because you don't want to be running around trying to find the sleep plan in the middle of the night if there are a number of complex steps to consider.

We implemented the sleep plan about 10 days before leaving on a vacation to Hawaii. We were worried about our trip and how we were investing so much money into this trip that might be a nightmare with all 3 kids sharing a room while we were away. But Myranda talked us through some of the hiccups we might have in implementation and some suggestions to help with the sleep transitions in Hawaii. The results were amazing! It took 2 nights for our son to realize we meant business and that there were no more games. The first night was tough, second night was easier, and by the third night he slept through the night in his own bed! This trend continued in Hawaii as well! He even understands our expectations of sleeping until 7AM. This isn't always as successful now that the sun is getting up earlier but if he comes into our room before 7 he doesn't throw a fit when we remind him he needs to go back to his room until his sun comes up (we use a groclock to help him with this)

Myranda was always there with an email or a phone call to check in and see how things were going with us. She provided us with resources to help us through some of the other sleep challenges such as travel, time zone changes, nap transitions, etc. She always made us feel that we could contact her if we needed anything or had any questions. It made us feel less insecure about all of this.

We still have the odd night where he wakes and comes to our room or even sneaks into our bed without even waking us. But it's rare and easy to adjust if he thinks this should be his new pattern. We only need to return him to his room once with a reminder of the expectations for sleeping in his own bed until 7. We still sometimes use rewards in the morning when it appears that he might be slipping back into old patterns and it works immediately.

We are so thankful that we searched out Myranda's help! Our son is now a happier boy who enjoys life and who we all enjoy being around! Our older 2 children are also doing better as they can receive more of mom and dad's attention because the youngest isn't constantly throwing fits and needing our attention. And we are happier and better adjusted parents that can support and guide all 3 of our children, nurture our marriage and still find time for our own individual activities. While we were in the fog this felt like an impossibility. But within a week of implementing the sleep plan Myranda provided to us we were in this new place that we all love!

Let's get started improving your little ones sleep habits! 

Schedule your FREE 15-minute Evaluation. This gives us a chance to discuss the issues you are having and come up with some ideas for a solution. 

Gentle solutions to help your child                  well.


Success Story from the

Braun Family

Myranda was recommended to us from friends who had hired her and couldn't say enough good things - she did not disappoint! Our little guy was 8 weeks and would still only sleep in our arms or laying beside us, but still laying on our arm. Needless to say, we were running out of steam and it was getting dangerous as he started squirming more aggressively and we didn't want him to fall out of our arms while we slept. As new parents, we weren't sure where to start. I knew I didn't want to do the "cry it out" method, but didn't know other options or methods that would be most effective. Myranda listened to our concerns, we set realistic goals based on his age, and most importantly she gave us a routine and methods to stick to that are proven to work. With Myranda's guidance and support, our son naps during the day on his own and is in his crib safe and sound with minimal wake ups during the night and getting better every day! Children may not come with manuals, but this was definitely as close as it comes! Myranda gives you the knowledge and tools to teach your child the skill of sleep which leads to a happier and healthier child and family :) highly recommend!

K, D, and H